New Site

brickwallSo for a while now, my site has been looking pathetic. I’ll be honest, I could tell you I’ve been too busy, or that life has gotten in the way, but let’s be real. I’m lazy. I like to spend my time writing stories and inventing strange worlds. The other junk, websites, marketing, everything else in real life, doesn’t interest me.

Today, I decided I would get my act together and work on the site. Having no idea what I’m doing, I of course made a bigger mess of everything. I did manage to install a new theme and begin to set it up, but in doing so, I deleted everything from my blog. So I’m starting over. There was probably nothing anyone will miss all that much anyway.

Being lazy, and having no idea how to set up a website, or even how to use WordPress, I will ask that you have a little patience with me. I’m sure I will need it. I would love to say that I will have everything up and running smoothly soon, but (refer back to the I’m lazy and I have no idea what I’m doing parts), it will likely take me some time. To be honest, I’m not even sure where this post will end up. Could be in the blog where it belongs, could be on the front page, or who knows, I could end up posting it on a forum for books no one ever wants to read. In the latter case, you might not hear much more from me. In case I get it right, head over to the books section and see if there is something you might like.

Wish me luck!

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