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Book 3 Releases

new release


The release of this book is bittersweet. On one hand, it was over a year in the making, so it’s great to finally share it with the world. On the other, it took that long because part-way in, my daughter died.

This is what I was writing when she left us.

She was the biggest pain in the ass when I was writing. She would stand behind me, peering over my shoulder, commenting, or complaining, about everything I wrote. Or she would lay on the couch, (only about ten feet from my desk) and talk to me every time I had a good thought to write. She was an endless distraction.

But I would give anything to have her back.

For nine months, I couldn’t write. Couldn’t hardly even go into my office. But then slowly, I started going back, and eventually, I was able to finish this book. It was one of the hardest thingsĀ I’ve ever had to do, other than lose my daughter.

She would have liked Dex. I know he would have been her favorite character. Hopefully, I’ve done him justice and you will all feel the same. I mean, he’s not as awesome as Alexander, but he’s a close second.