Book Cover: Gluttony
Part of the Seven Deadly Sins series:

Gluttony is every Devil’s best friend.
So why can’t Lucifer get this month’s girl to give him the time of day?

What the devil wants, the devil gets. For Lucifer Morningstar, getting everything is getting boring. Not ever in his long existence has anyone, man or woman, turned him down. Not with any real conviction, anyway. That is, until he meets Sin Number Two: Gluttony.

Gluttony, a pretty little thing named Amanda, is the definition of her sin. Drinking to excess, eating anything you put in front of her, Amanda knows how to have a good time. Or she did. The only thing she manages to not overindulge on now, is men. She’s focused on getting her business running, or that’s what she tells herself.

With the game underway, Luc is ready to find his true love. Except, Amanda wants nothing to do with Luc. Less than nothing. Finding out if she is the one is a little difficult when she can’t stand to be in the same room as him. What the devil wants, he has to catch...


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