For a Vampire, love is forever.

Being hung up on your best friend’s mate sucks. It doesn’t matter that Dex can never have Ari, or that when vampires fall in love, it’s forever. Every time he is anywhere near her, all rational thoughts are pushed from his mind. It certainly doesn’t help that she is always touching him, or breathing on him. It’s enough to make him crazy.

Dex wasn’t looking for a distraction, but it’s exactly what he needs, and he finds it with Ari’s best friend, Kaia. Kaia is a spunky little human, who is openly hot for Dex. There’s nothing complicated or wrong about being with her. She wants him, even if it’s a no-strings, sex-only thing, and he is all too willing to give her exactly what she needs. The problem is, Kaia wants more and Dex wants to be able to give it to her. But how can he be with her, knowing he can never offer her more than half of himself?


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