Can two broken hearts make a whole?

Vampires never fall out of love. So when Gabe lost Gwen, he thought it was the end of relationships for him. He was cursed to forever pine for a woman he could never have. He hid his feelings behind a facade of perfection and control for a hundred years, focusing on work, never feeling.

Until he met Jewel.

Jewel had never been in love, never even considered it. So losing it wasn’t something she could understand. But Jewel was broken. After her abduction and assault, she would never be the same. And the things that she’d lived through were eerily similar to the circumstances that led to Gwen’s death, leaving Gabe to wonder if he would lose her too.

Between them both, Gabe and Jewel’s shattered fragments start to come together, but can they salvage enough to make them complete? Or are each of them incapable of being anything more than broken pieces that will never make a whole?

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