The bond between Ariana and the irresistible Vampire King, Alexander, transcends the physical and makes avoiding each other nearly impossible. Although, that is exactly what Ariana is trying to do. Unable to get past the horrible things Alexander has done, she pushes him away, convinced that being apart is the only way.

But fighting the inevitable is a battle she can’t win.

As a vampire, Alexander has killed his share of humans during his long life. It was something he never gave much thought to, at least until he met Ariana. Seeing himself through her eyes, as the monster she believes he is, forces him to rethink everything he always believed. With or without her, Alexander vows to be different.

But will it come too late to make a difference?

It is only a matter of time before Alexander’s psychopathic wife returns to claim what she thinks is rightfully hers. And that includes the Vampire King himself. Removing Ariana from the picture is the first step in her plan and she isn’t taking hostages this time.


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